Desiring to lose weight or stay fit is easy. It is finding the motivation to keep going that is a challenge. As a matter of fact, 73% of people who set fitness resolutions give up within three months of trying. Over time, workouts get boring, people become busy or the results fail to show.¹


Does that sound like you? If yes, then worry no more. In this post, we will discuss how to stay true to your workout program even when you don’t feel up to the task. Read on for science-backed workout motivation tips.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With the Following Workout Motivation Tips

Getting real results from your workouts requires consistency and perseverance. Unfortunately, the enthusiasm to keep working out wears off, and quitting becomes an option. The following motivation tips will help you stay true to your program. 

1. Partner With a Workout Buddy Who Is Fitter Than You

Partnering up with a workout buddy is the easiest yet most effective way to stay motivated to keep working out. More often than not, it is easy to lose track and stop working out. But science has proven that a workout buddy can hold you accountable and keep you going.


As a fact, working out with a teammate who is better has been shown to increase workout length and intensity by up to 200%.² However, if you are unable to find a workout teammate, consider finding yourself a personal trainer or joining a fitness group. 

2. Get Competitive

Preventive Medicine Reports that competition motivates people to work out more than social support does. In their study, they found that the attendance of competition-motivated teams was higher than groups that did not have competition.


To add an element of competition, join your friends in working out or use fitness apps and social media. By posting your progress on social media, you may get others to join you in your fitness quest, the progress of your competitors is also a motivator that will get you working harder.


3. Set Workout Goals

There are many reasons why you want to work out. Therefore, setting goals is a great way to keep you working out. The secret is setting smart and realistic goals that you can achieve based on where you are in your fitness journey. If you set over-ambitious goals, you may get discouraged and give up.


For instance, if you are a beginner, aim to start slow and work your way up. Once you hit your short-term goals, set longer-term goals. This way, you will stay motivated as you move from milestone to milestone.

4. Reward Yourself for Better Workout Motivation

Although some people may get motivated by rewards such as better health or fitness, they are far-fetched. This is because people like good things but are not willing to put in the work at all times. Moreover, getting into shape is a reward that takes time making it ineffective as an immediate reward.


On the other hand, real rewards have been shown to be more motivating. For instance, you may treat yourself to an episode of your favorite movie or an instasculpting session. With time, your brain will start linking working out and feelings of satisfaction.

5. Add Fun to Your Workout Sessions 

If you are not passionate about working out, you may not look forward to your sessions. Adding fun to your workouts can help you to look forward to the next sessions. Start by establishing the kind of activities or sports that you love. If you cannot find any, then try other activities that improve your fitness.


Examples of such activities include joining a dance class, baseball team, a martial arts class, and more. If you like to keep to yourself, then online workout videos such as yoga and kickboxing can come in handy. 


Similarly, you can bundle up your workouts with activities you love. For instance, if you love listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks, combine them with your workouts.

Stick To Your Routine With the Above Workout Motivation Tips

Adhering to a workout routine is difficult making it easy to give up on your workout program. The above motivation tips will help you stick to your routine and reach your goals. In addition, combating post-workout muscle soreness through percussion therapy will help you to keep going.


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