Back pain has become a major health concern among many. In America, almost 65 million Americans have reported a recent episode of back pain.¹ Episodes of back pain can make life unbearable.

Simple movements can make you feel more pain, making you resort to not moving at all. However, physical fitness is crucial to everyone’s well-being. Fortunately, experiencing back pain won’t make you a couch potato. Keep reading to find out how to stay fit with back pain.

Stay Fit With Back Pain Using The Following Tips

Most back pain sufferers fear exercising because it may escalate the problem. On the contrary, exercise may reduce back pain if done correctly alongside cryotherapy. In fact, intensive training may lower back pain by up to 44%.² The following tips will help you get started with your fitness journey despite the pain.

Consult Your Doctor

Deciding to work out if your back hurts depends on various factors. Some factors may include the cause of the pain, your pre-back pain activity levels, and the symptoms you are experiencing.


Based on the above factors, your doctor may clear you up for exercise. Also, if your back pain is caused by a severe condition, such as a spinal tumor or fracture, your doctor may advise you accordingly.


Consulting your doctor is crucial because you get to know the right form of exercise for you. Subsequently, you will avoid engaging in activities that would aggravate your pain instead of alleviating it.

Approach Exercise In Phases

If your doctor clears you for exercise, a phased approach is an excellent way to ease your way into a regular workout routine. This approach will give your body time to adjust to new changes while pushing the fear of pain away. 


The phased approach helps you begin from simple exercises that do not engage your back to more engaging ones. The goal is to strengthen the muscles around your back before you can dive into high-impact exercises. 


In the phased approach, workouts are classified into four phases. In the first phase, you will concentrate on simple exercises you can do while lying on your back. These support your spine and they do not exert pressure on your back.


For the second phase, focus on workouts you can do on your hands and knees. Such exercises still support your spine and back, but they are more engaging compared to phase one exercises. In the third phase, concentrate on working out while kneeling or half kneeling.


For the last phase, start working out while standing. At this point, your back shall have adjusted to regular workouts and should be able to withstand standing workouts.

Join A Pilates Class

Pilates is a type of exercise that is done under a trainer’s supervision and involves stabilizing the core muscles to improve flexibility, tone, muscle strength, and endurance. This exercise is excellent for people with back pain.


Pilates classes constitute a sequence of exercises that target the stability and mobility of the body, especially the core, spine, and pelvic area. These exercises focus on the neutral spine position so you can rest assured that they will not worsen your back pain.


If anything, Pilates classes may help improve your back pain. Better yet, you can combine them with compression therapy for further relief.

Choose Safe Exercises You Can Do By Yourself

When experiencing back pain, it is best to work out under supervision. However, it may not always be possible. If you have to work on your own, pick safe exercise. Below are some safe exercises to get you started.

Begin with stretches

Before you think of engaging in any exercise, it is best to stretch first. Stretching helps relax your muscles and reduces the chances of straining or getting hurt during a workout. Although it may hurt, it is good to start with gentle back stretching.


Swimming is an excellent full-body workout for anyone experiencing back pain. Subsequently, it can help shed excess weight, improve heart health and ease back pain. Besides, swimming promotes better blood circulation, thus helping you recover faster.

Stay Fit With Back Pain With The Above Tips

It is possible to stay fit despite experiencing constant back pain. Exercising will not only help you achieve physical fitness but may also help reduce the pain. The above tips are a great way to get started.


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