Project Description

Experience the Ultimate Facial Relaxation

Medical Breakthrough’s Facial Relaxation™ helps you reduce migraines, tension headaches, and sleep a lot better. Approximately 50-80% of people dealing with migraines report sleep related problems. This is a big problem because missing any amount of sleep is detrimental to your overall health, especially because this is when our body does the most healing. Without sleep, our body cannot heal.

The massage, heat, and music functions of this device put the body into an ideal state that activates its own natural healing mechanisms. The rhythmic movements and frequencies throughout the massage provide the fastest way to improve your state of mind through a focused and conscious touch. The heat is produced through a body adaptive far-infrared heat system which is not only soothing, it can improve your sleep.

Facial Relaxation™ Benefits

  • Get more quality sleep

  • Bi-directional massage system improves physical appearance

  • Improves facial muscle and skin tone

  • Stimulates the meridian points on the face, benefiting nervous system and vital organs

  • Proper relaxation can improve other cognitive abilities


Monday – Friday 7 AM – 7 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM
Sunday Closed